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Materials Characterization and Design using Computational Materials Science

  • Mechanical and thermal properties of hybrid metal/carbon nanostructures

  • Design of metal/ceramic nanolaminates for improved hardness, toughness, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance 

  • Study of mechanical behavior of hydroxyapatite in the presence of defects and dopants

  • Diffusion of corrosive elements in ceramics and metal/ceramic nanolaminates

  • Effect of defects on the stochastic mechanical behavior of materials 

  • Study of thermal history and residual stresses in laser assisted machining (LAM) of ceramics and metal/ceramic composites

  • Study of tool wear in stamping (deep drawing) process while considering blank anisotropy 

  • Study the thermal history of build in direct energy deposition (DED) process to control the mechanical behavior 


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