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Welcome to CMSML!

At CMSML, computational tools are used to perform two main areas of research:

- Mechanical and physical characterization of nano-materials, and the design of new advanced materials with targeted functionalities:

Computational tools are employed to characterize the physical and mechanical properties of nanomaterials and nanostructures including metals, graphene, ceramics, carbon nanotubes, nano-fibers, nano-foams, nano-wires, and hybrid structures, to name a few. This approach is applied for the design of materials for targeted functionalities such as improved wear resistance, hardness, ductility, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, to name a few.

- Parametric study of the conventional and advanced manufacturing methods to control wear of tools, and mechanical properties of the products:

Finite element analysis is applied to study the tribological failure modes of tools in conventional manufacturing methods such as stamping and turning. Furthermore, FEA is used to study the effect of process parameters on mechanical properties of the builds in advanced manufacturing processes such as direct energy deposition (DED), powder bed fusion (PBF), and laser assisted machining (LAM). In particular, we are interested in improving the mechanical properties of the builds with controlled thermal management using various process parameters. 

Iman Salehinia, Ph.D.

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